We are thrilled that our Lifelong Leadership Program (LLP) is a benefit to our members and community. As we head into our 7th year of our Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) program and our 2nd year of our LEAD (Leadership Exploration and Development) program we are re-evaluating how we nominate leaders to these exclusive and sought after programs.

In the past participants were nominated by their principals at our yearly Principals Roundtable; however, we found the same firms were attending and therefore the benefit of LLP was only being seen by a portion of our community. In order to address that oversight we are doing two things. One, we are adjusting our yearly guest list strategy for the Principal’s Roundtable to a biyearly guest list to allow more firms to attend which will allow for more diverse LLP nominations. Secondly, for the first time ever IIDA NE will also be accepting applications to the programs for the first time. This will allow smaller firms, and designers not at an firm an opportunity to gain access to these beneficial programs. (Designer nominated by their principals at the Principals Roundtable will have priority to the program.) We hope this adjustment will allow LLP to be more inclusive to all firm sizes and types and empowers more of our community to become leaders.

Click here to learn more about the LLP programs to find which program is the best fit for you. Please note LLP programs are for design professionals only.

The application deadline for the 2020 programs has ended. Stay tuned for application information for our 2021 program!