Developed in 2012, the annual Principals Roundtable (PRT) was a way for the chapter to give back to firm leaders in our community with an incredible speaker and networking with their peers while providing a platform for feedback on the work we do as a chapter and how we could best support design firms. In 2020 so many things for our design community changed and it was time for the PRT to change as well.

Our two successful Lifelong Leadership Programs (LLP): Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) and Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD), have provided valuable resources for designers with up to 15 years of experience; however, neither program specifically supported firm leaders who not only tackle design but management, mentorship and coaching of staff, business development and maintaining client relationships. By shifting the annual PRT to a quarterly program, the Design Leaders Network (DLN), is designed to be a forum for high-level conversation around firm leadership that would support the community’s design leaders in their career advancement. The programs are invite-only to allow the guest list to be tailored for the topic at hand and for smaller intimate conversations rather than a seminar format. Ideal DLN’ers have at least 10 years of experience in the design industry and have significant experience leading project teams as well as leading within a design firm from a senior position. These conversations are recapped and given to attendees as a way to engage with the topic further in their own settings.