IIDA ProfessionalAssociate, and Educator Members are required to complete and report 1.0 CEU (10 hours) of continuing education prior to December 31, 2019.  Professional, Associate, and Educator Members (active and inactive), including IIDA Fellows and Chapter Officers, must adhere to IIDA compliance requirements. The current period applies to those members who joined before January 1, 2018. If you joined IIDA on or after January 1, 2018, your first compliance period will begin January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2021. 

CEUs – where can I find them?

IIDA and the IIDA NE chapter have a myriad of CEU opportunities available. CEU credits are easy to attain with the advances in technology and training. We hope you will consider some of the options listed on the IIDA website to ensure the successful completion of your compliance requirement. 

IIDA NE CEU Database
IIDA NE Event Calendar

IIDA Headquarters Event Calendar

The IDCEC Event Calendar is a great resource for events and activities. IDCEC lists over 300 approved distance learning classes.

What is the current Reporting Period?

The current IIDA compliance period is January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2019. 

Full compliance information is available in the Education section of the IIDA website, found here.

What type of credit does IIDA accept?

IIDA accepts IDCEC-approved courses.  However, you can submit courses that are not IDCEC-approved for individual review by completing a Non-IDCEC CEU Approval, NICA. Individual approvals will apply toward the IIDA Compliance requirement. However, they may not qualify for other association or state licensing requirements.  IIDA now accepts AIA/CES or USG/GBCI approved courses towards the IIDA compliance.  Members can self-report these without further review, see above NICA form link for more information.

How do I report CEUs to IIDA?

It is the responsibility of each member to maintain record of his/her CEUs. IIDA reserves the right to request proof of compliance at any time.  Maintain copies of your IDCEC attendance records, such as certificates of attendance, IDCEC CEU verification cards, IIDA-approval notices for NICA submissions. If you are chosen to participate in an IIDA compliance audit, you may be asked to either supply us with these copies or submit a listing of them. If the program is not IDCEC-approved you should submit it for approval via a NICA form; otherwise, it may not count towards your compliance requirement. 

IIDA recommends the use of IDCEC’s new registry service. This is the official registry service for IIDA, ASID, and IDC, and it is provided at no cost to their Members. IIDA will use this registry for compliance auditing.

IDCEC-approved courses do not issue certificates on site. If you are seeking CEUs for an educational event, please remember to take your IDCEC user number with you. Make sure you sign the attendance form with your full name, IDCEC user number, and email address. I have included a step-by-step instruction sheet for using the IDCEC CE Registry for your convenience.

If you have not received an IDCEC number, please contact IIDA HQ for more information.

For information on using the IDCEC CE Registry, visit

When do IIDA Compliance audits occur?

Audits are handled at the end each compliance period. IIDA will use reports received from IDCEC for its audits. IIDA may run random audits throughout the year to help us gauge what our members continuing education needs may be.