Student Spotlight 2020

Name: Zlily Perry
Concentration: Interior Design
College/University: Wentworth Institute of Technology
Year(s) of Graduation: 2020

Why did you choose to pursue interior design in college?: Zlily has always had a passion for being creative in the arts. When she was young she took many courses at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and Montserrat College. As she got older she shifted into pursuing interests of Architecture and Interior Design, always being inspired by her mother’s career, and how the design industry can impact the world with innovative service, exploring new design approaches, and having empathetic connections to clients.
Why do you want to be a member of IIDA NE?: Zlily loves to connect with the community and believes as a young designer getting involved with events is a great way to continue to learn new things from others.


If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you go & why?: Sweden and South Korea. Her first inspiration of Interior Design has always been Scandinavian. The minimalist approach combined with their own appreciation to their cultures is so unique in that it says so much more by doing so little.
Favorite IIDA event/memory: Recently she joined the Experience: Art, Culture, Design panel talk. As a young student of color, this opened her eyes to discussing the struggles of workplace in the Covid Era in combination with racial injustice. She realizes that these discussions that make us feel uncomfortable are exactly what we need more of.
Favorite Disney movie: Not to toot her own horn, but she has admired the movie Mulan the most. Not just because it is about Chinese culture, but it brings out the best of a woman embracing her fears and insecurities and fueling it into empowering her capabilities and worth.

Favorite summer activity:Living in a beach town, the beach!
Favorite class outside of Interior Design: Virtual Ethics! She is obsessed with this class because it explores the impact of information technology on the individual and society. It addresses questions regarding freedom, privacy, justice and human flourishing in an information age. Topics including technology design, social media, virtual realities, gaming, robotics and artificial intelligence sheds light on the new ethical questions that challenge our evolving relationships with technology.
Favorite design software program: Faro Technologies 3d Focus Laser Scanner! On her most recent internship at STA, she loved being hands on in the field with the other Interior Designers using the latest technology to bring their projects to life.
If you weren't a designer, what would you be? Video Game design or a Musician/Music Instructor. She has had a passion for video game culture and the power a game can have when creating immersive environments to tell a story just like a 3d walk through does with Enscape. She has also been a professional flutist and was a member of several choir groups.
Coffee or tea? Is this even a question? Coffee baby!