Good communication skills are essential in today’s workplace. Whether it’s communication with tact and diplomacy, managing up, dealing with difficult people, understanding people’s communication styles, using emotional intelligence or listening to others. Knowing how to communicate can mean the difference between success and failure. How do we communicate effectively in tough moments, to design norms that encourage cohesion and resilience, and to create cultures of creativity, inclusiveness, and innovation.

During part two of IIDA NE's Speaker Series: Communicating During Collaboration, the first half hour was instructor-led learning followed by a 45-minute panel discussion with selected IIDA NE members from Boston, Providence and Hartford. To learn more about our incredibly talented instructor and panelists, click here!

Attendees learned these skills and so much more.

  • Communication Theory - our role as a sender and a receiver
  • Audience Analysis – who/what/why
  • Recognize the barriers to effective communication in the office
  • Communication Model:  word/tone/non-verbal body language
  • Communication Style (direct, quiet, analytical, friendly)

Session Recording

The session recording is available to IIDA NE members only. If you are an IIDA NE member, please click here.