Porcelanosa Boston Showroom
(617) 963-7666

Boston Showroom/Office Address
1 Design Center Place, Suite 505
Boston, MA 02210

North Street, 600 NJ-17
Ramsey, NJ 07446

Local Rep Contact info:
If you are unsure who your rep is contact Jessie Coffey

What is your company philosophy?
Porcelanosa prides itself on providing architectural and design solutions to the A&D community with unparalleled innovation, quality and service. We strive to be a leader in tile, kitchen and bath by providing trendsetting, cutting-edge, beautiful and refined products without compromising quality and dependable service to our clients. Good products, good price, customer service

What sets Porcelanosa apart?
Established over 40 years ago, Porcelanosa is still run by the same family instilling and building upon the same core values of work ethic and integrity. These values inspire our dependable and superior customer service as we work with designers from start to finish, catering to each person and projects individual needs, while maximizing on our factory direct approach by removing the middle man. Customer service sets us apart – we follow up from start to finish, catered to each individual. No middle man – factory direct from manufacture to delivery.

When did Porcelanosa get involved with IIDA?
Porcelanosa first got involved with IIDA back in 2016, and we have continued to grow our support and involvement in the community since then.

Why did you get involved with IIDA?
IIDA not only provides a great opportunity to network and socially interact with designers, but they also have an incredible Philanthropic impact through events. Additionally, the Design Awards help to give credit to the designs and see product come to fruition.

How has being a part of IIDA benefited your company?
Being a part of the IIDA community has allowed us greater opportunities to be socially present with our clients outside of the office and get to know them on a more personal level. We can create real and lasting relationships while also supporting their work.

What is your favorite IIDA NE event?
Choosing just one IIDA event as our favorite is almost impossible! All of the events are so unique to each other and offer an abundance of benefits. It is remarkable to see designers’ creativity exhibited in a different light during the Fashion Show. Additionally, during the Design Awards we are able to see ideas and products come to life as designers are honored for their achievements.