LEAD Questionnaire 2021

Name: Brittani Fleury
Company: Vision 3 Architects
Concentration: Workplace/Healthcare
Title/Role: Senior Interior Designer
Years in the industry: 11

What is a fact that may surprise people about you?: I’m originally from Maine but don’t like lobster or know how to ski!
What past project of yours holds the most meaning to you and why?: Probably the Providence Water Supply Board; it was the first project I truly held the reigns on from an interiors perspective. The project team (colleagues, client, contractor, etc.) were really great and supportive; I learned so much from that project! 


Name a favorite space or experience you wish you had designed?: Keeping it local, Bayberry Beer Hall in Providence. I love how the concept is integrated throughout the space and how biophilia is a main element. The thoughtful detailing makes me swoon.


photo credit: Bayberry Beer Hall

How would you describe your leadership style in 3 words?: Thoughtful, Thorough & Energetic
What three things do you most geek out on?: Chairs, dogs and really thoughtful architectural detailing. 
What advice would you give to this year's class of emerging leaders?: Keep up the good work! Never stop seeking out opportunities to further your career, work hard, and enjoy the ride.
Recall a moment you felt the most empowered as a professional Interior Designer?: When I passed my WELL AP exam. Preparing and passing the exam made me better equipped to design interior spaces that support occupant health & experience, something I’ve always been passionate about.
Do you have a "design mantra" or saying you find yourself repeating?: Just be and do your best
What makes a project successful for you?: When all members of the project team are synchronized and all working towards the same collective goal. Developing relationships with all entities and celebrating the final product with them is very rewarding and what I enjoy most.
How has IIDA helped you the most in your career?:  I moved to Rhode Island for work without really knowing anyone in the area. IIDA helped me connect with my community and has provided numerous opportunities to further my career.
How would you Explain the difference between a professional Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator to a stranger? Professional Interior Designers have the ability to see a construction project through from start to finish. It goes way beyond ‘aesthetic touches’ to include construction methodologies, technical drawings, and system coordination. We are architects of interior space