(617) 830-5300
[email protected]

Boston Showroom/Office Address
300 A Street, 1st Floor 
Boston, MA 02210

Local Rep Contact info
John Canuto
[email protected]
(781) 626-0484

What is your company philosophy / what sets you apart from similar companies?
To earn and maintain the trust of our clients. With our client’s best interest in mind, we take a complex process and make it easy.

When did Environments at Work get involved with IIDA?
3+ years ago

Why did Environments at Work get involved with IIDA?
IIDA is an excellent way of staying connected with the Design community and also enhances relationships. The variety of events and participation opportunities are great ways to engage socially but also strengthen my understanding of the way our industry works.

How has being a part of IIDA benefited your company?
By staying on top of what IIDA is creating and sharing gives me the chance to broaden our companies knowledge of trends and changes happening throughout the community. In turn, this elevates our ability to be effective to not only our clients, but our relationships as well.

What is your favorite IIDA NE event?
Fashion Show – Amazing to see the work that goes into it, but also always a great time to catch up with everyone and celebrate.