Emerging Leader Questionnaire 2022


Name: Katie Skeeles
Company: Miller Dyer Spears
Concentration: Higher Education/ Office Space
College/University: Wentworth Institute of Technology
Year(s) of Graduation: 2016

What is your strongest personal quality?: I have a chameleon personality type where I can walk into a room, quickly pick up on the expectations of those around me and become the life of the party or a quiet, thoughtful participant - or whatever I need to be. I aim to create a public face that leaves a pleasing and memorable impression.
What is your strongest professional skillset?: My strongest skills involve the design process. I am confident in my design abilities from concept to execution.

Why did you choose to become an Interior Designer?: I've always been fascinated by how people interact and use interior space, especially it's potential to have a positive effect.
How would you describe your personal design style?: I keep my style simple and not too trendy. It would be an unusual day if you didn't find me in something black, wearing gold hoops.

What three things do you most geek out on?: Organizing, discovering new music, and interior architecture, OF COURSE.
What are you looking forward to as an IIDA Emerging Leader?: Listening and learning from the different guest speakers, connecting with other designers in the industry and developing my skillset.

What has been your go-to for de-stressing this year?: Going for walks and hanging out with friends.
What advice do you have for designer students graduating?: Take your time and soak up everything you can when you start your first job. It's okay to not know everything yet.

What is your favorite annual IIDA event?:  The Fashion Show for sure!
How would you explain the difference between a professional Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator to a stranger?: A professional Interior Designer bakes the cake and the interior decorator adds the frosting.