EL Questionnaire 2021


Name: Hannah Weiner
Company: RGB Architects
College/University: Newbury College
Year(s) of Graduation: 2014

What is your strongest personal quality?: My strongest personal I am very patient, and able to handle stressful situations in a calm manner.
What is your strongest professional skill set?: My strongest professional skill set is I have no fear of speaking up and asking questions when I need guidance. There is always room to learn and grow, and if you keep that mindset you will always be bettering yourself.
Why did you choose to become an Interior Designer?: I decided I wanted to become an Interior Designer when I was a very small. It has always been my passion, and it is so rewarding that I was able to obtain my childhood dream.
How would you describe your personal style?: My personal style is modern, and simple with a neutral natural palette.
What three things do you most geek out on?: (1) Organizing everything in acrylic bins like the homeedit. (2) Bringing plants and nature into designs as much as possible. (3) The perfect neutral colors.
What are you looking forward to as an IIDA Emerging Leader?: I am looking forward to building connections with other designers and members.
What has been your go-to for de-stressing this year?: Online shopping, I am most certainly a shopaholic.
What Advice do you have for designer students graduating?: It is all right if you do not have it all figured out after you graduate. You will learn so much in your first few years as a designer. Never hesitate to ask questions, always carry a notebook with you everywhere so when you get the answers to questions you can jot down the answer for your reference
What is your favorite annual IIDA event?: The Fashion Show is the best event! I love seeing the creativity of the outfits.
How would you explain the difference between a professional Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator to a stranger?: An Interior Designer works on way more than just selecting paints, we work hands on with architects to create the details and documents for projects from the beginning of schematic design all the way to the final walk-through. An Interior Decorator selects décor items for a space, such as artwork, plants, throw pillows etc. they do not get into the fine detail level as Interior designers do.