EL Questionnaire 2018


Name: Lauren Ecker
Company: NELSON
Concentration: Interior Designer, Corporate Office
College/University: Endicott College
Year(s) of Graduation: 2016

What is your strongest personal quality: I would like to think I'm funny. I enjoy making light of awkward or tense situations.
What skill set are you most proud of professionally?: I'm very efficient (most of the time). It comes in handy on projects with tight deadlines.
What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?: Who does Trump's hair in the morning?
What is your best childhood memory?: Every year, my family and I would go camping for a week to the same place. Conveniently, it would rain the entire time we were there, year after year, but I have the best memories from those trips. 
What's your go to for de-stressing?: Getting outside; going for a hike or walking my dog.
Revit, CAD, or Sketchup?: Revit + the Adobe suite
Are you usually early or late?: Chronically early
What three things are in your bag?: Currently? Glasses, a Caffè Nero loyalty card, and a pin that says "earthy".
If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning a medal for?: Crafting
Why did you choose to become an Interior Designer?: Contrary to most designers, I wasn't a die-hard interiors fan since birth. I looked at schools with the intention of pursuing voice performance and musical theater. I quickly decided I did not want to try to "make it big" in that industry. I somehow landed on interior design and have been here ever since.
What is one goal you'd like to accomplish in your lifetime?: I'm not really a "set a goal and stick to it" type of person. As long as I'm happy with what I'm doing, I will go where life takes me. Although, someday, somehow, I would like to pay off my student loans.