EL Questionnaire 2020


Name: Kristin Tedford
Company: saam architecture    
Concentration: Interior Architecture
College/University: University of Miami
Year(s) of Graduation: 2012

What is your strongest personal quality?: Determination 
What skill set are you most proud of professionally?: Efficiency 
What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?: American Girl Dolls
What do you hope to accomplish as an IIDA Emerging Leader?: Meet other people in our profession and learn how to effectively lead and collaborate together.
What's your go-to for de-stressing?: Hiking or long walks in nature.
Revit, CAD, or Sketchup?: Revit
Are you usually early or late?: Early
What three things are in your bag?: Chapstick, screwdriver, deck of cards.
What is your favorite part of being an IIDA member?: The ability to meet and socialize with people that share a common passion while advancing my knowledge and skills in the industry. 
Why did you choose to become an Interior Designer?: As a designer, you can positively affect the way in which users perceive, use, and enjoy the spaces they inhabit, overall leading to a happier humanity.