EL Questionnaire 2020


Name: Jennifer Phan
Company: The Architectural Team
Concentration: Multi-Family + Senior Living
College/University: Endicott College
Year(s) of Graduation: Class of 2011

What is your strongest personal quality?: Passionate + dedication towards whatever I am working on whether it is baking, a sport, or work-related.
What skill set are you most proud of professionally?: My organizational skills and ability to think analytically. I strive to see every aspect of a project to the end, which can be great, but can also drives me around in circles. I have a hard time putting my pencil down and calling it ‘Done’. 
What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?: My Karaoke machine. I’m terrible at it but my go to was Celine Dion’s "My Heart Will Go On". 
What do you hope to accomplish as an IIDA Emerging Leader?: I hope to develop stronger communication and confidence skills. I’d also love to be able to build a network among the other designers. 
What's your go-to for de-stressing?: Working out and baking. I have to alternate between the two for balance!
Revit, CAD, or Sketchup?: Revit
Are you usually early or late?: Early 
What three things are in your bag?: Vaseline Lip Therapy, a spoon specifically from Scoop & Scootery for emergencies (this has come in handy too many times!), noise cancelling headphones.
What is your favorite part of being an IIDA member?: The ability to be connected to designers and professionals who share the same passion and goal of creating a place.
Why did you choose to become an Interior Designer?: Bridging the gap between a beautiful and functional design is one of the greatest problem-solving practices. Every space and project are different, and very rarely will there be an identical solution but once you get through the thicket of hard work and trace paper, the end results are very rewarding.