EL Questionnaire 2020


Name: Ben Abbett
Company: SMMA
Concentration: Lobbies/Corporate
College/University: Purdue University 
Year(s) of Graduation: 2017

What is your strongest personal quality?: I like to think I’m solid at finding points of connection with people and becoming fast friends.
What skill set are you most proud of professionally?: Client engagement/communication. I seem to have a good grasp on making the client feel heard and enact what they want. 
What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?: I had some model cars and Legos that I was mildly obsessed with. 
What do you hope to accomplish as an IIDA Emerging Leader?: I wanted to expand my resources for mentorship outside of SMMA. My company is wonderful, but it’s helpful to have people outside your organization to help you grow. 
What's your go-to for de-stressing?: Definitely running or cleaning. 
Revit, CAD, or Sketchup?: Sketchup
Are you usually early or late?: Late (I’m working on it) 
What three things are in your bag?: 8.5x11 graph paper, pens/felt markers, a sweater/sweatshirt/extra layer (I don’t go anywhere without my backpack) 
What is your favorite part of being an IIDA member?: This is my first experience with IIDA, so I guess Emerging Leaders has been the highlight so far! 
Why did you choose to become an Interior Designer?: My mom subscribed me to Architectural Digest when I was seven and really planted the seed of becoming a designer. I never really grew out of wanting to create spaces that people wanted to be.