Communication is at the heart of human interaction, and it can make or break a business. Client communication may be one of the single most important factors in building your business. How you connect with clients has the ability to turn one off jobs into repeat clients, referrals, and raving testimonials. So one big question facing businesses in this ever-more-connected society of ours is: How can businesses improve their communications with clients in order to grow and thrive? Click here to learn about the speaker, Michael McCarthy!

Attendees learned these skills and so much more.

  • How to Create Loyal Clients & Referrals with Emotional Intelligence
  • The Trust Equation: Learn how to assess your own trustworthiness, diagnose areas for improvement and learn new skills to be a more trustworthy person
  • The Persuasion Equation: Through a series of 10 questions, emotions are created that elicit the willingness to change and buy from you
  • How to Ask for and get referrals: Learn specific techniques on how to ask for and get referrals from your existing clients
  • Create & Deliver Compelling Presentations
  • Pitching to the abyss: How to keep the enthusiasm up when their cameras are off. Best practices BEFORE and DURING the presentation.
  • Body Language: Another humorous lesson on what to do and definitely NOT to do with your body language in a presentation and how to maximize body language when only your head is visible
  • Dancing with your team for flawless presentations: Learn how to communicate behind the scenes during the presentation to pivot, keep the presentation on point, put out fires as they arise while looking smooth the whole time.

Session Recording

The session recording is available to IIDA NE members only. If you are an IIDA NE member, please click here. You can also click here to view a recap of what was discussed!