People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some, it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them. For others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge. Whatever the reason is, we at IIDA New England are blessed with a large source of incredible volunteers. Interested in becoming a volunteer? Learn about open positions here

 "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." ~ Helen Keller

Advocacy Committee

  • Aimee Schefano, Symmes Maini & McKee Associates (IIDA NE Board of Directors, Vice President of Advocacy)
  • Corinne Barthelemy, NBBJ
  • Krista Easterly, Bergmeyer Associates
  • Christina Gomes, NBBJ Design
  • Gina Mosca, Sasaki Associates

2019 Business Leaders Breakfast Committee

  • Mai Nguyen-Laskey, Spinneybeck (IIDA NE Board of Directors, Vice President of Chapter Events)
  • Luke Tanguay, CBT (Co-Chair)
  • Allison Waters, Red Thread (Co-Chair)
  • Eddie Barnett, Workflow Interiors
  • Brittany Collins, Tremont Interiors
  • Sandi Cooper, Peabody Office
  • Anna DeMare, WorkRite
  • Claudia DiCesare, Momentum
  • Heather Eddington, National
  • Erin Polansky, Payette
  • Sarah Springer, Jacobs
  • Wendy Tabor, Kane Contract Group
  • Amy Warren, Kimball
  • Samantha Wilber, Illuminate

Communications Committee

  • Brittany Kane, Colwen Design-XSS Hotels (IIDA NE Board of Directors, Vice President of Communication)
  • Sarah Long, SMMA (Chair)
  • Elizabeth Arkins, CBT
  • Josh Cunningham, Packard Design
  • Shawn Gargiulo, Kontract
  • Stephanie Griebel, Creative Materials Corporation
  • Jim Hornor, IA Interior Architects
  • Samantha Larsen, Steelcase, Inc.
  • Maureen Lyne, Gensler
  • Ashley Perkins, The Mohawk Group
  • Amanda Vigneau, Shepley Bulfinch
  • Jillian Welenc, Dyer Brown Architects
  • Josh Meyer, Poppin

2019 Design Awards Committee

  • Mai Nguyen-Laskey, Spinneybeck (IIDA NE Board of Directors, Vice President of Chapter Events)
  • Marcus Hamblin, Gensler (Chair)
  • Heather Brunini, Knoll (Chair)
  • Ryan Akers, Interface
  • Carly Bassett, TotalOffice Interiors
  • Svetlana Bekker, Apex Lighting Solutions
  • Meghan Bildner, Allsteel
  • Kelly Chiaradonna, Wilson Butler Architects
  • Brittany Collins, Tremont Interiors
  • Annamarie Coyne, Format Design Elements
  • Rebecca Durante, Wilson Butler
  • Caitlin Greenwood, MPA
  • Jennifer Gregoire, SGA
  • Teagan Jeffords, Peabody Office
  • Josh Matteson, Matteson Associates
  • Lindsay Mehaylo, Perkins Eastman
  • Brian Potter, Gensler
  • Jeremy Rodgers, Laminart
  • Ashley Siswick, Wayfair
  • Colleen Wallace, Gensler

Emerging Leaders Program Committee

  • Paul Lewandowski, scott simons architects (IIDA NE Board of Directors, Immediate Past President)
  • Kristin Perkins, Allermuir (Chair)
  • Ryanne Sanderson, KnollTextiles (Chair)

2018 Fashion Show Committee

  • Mai Nguyen-Laskey, Spinneybeck (IIDA NE Board of Directors, Vice President of Chapter Events)
  • Allison Jones, Packard Design (Chair)
  • Marty Smith, Momentum (Chair)
  • Lyndsey Almon, Union Office Interiors
  • Svetlana Bekker, Apex
  • James Boland, Knoll
  • Stefanie Comeau, CBT
  • Joshua Cunningham, Packard Design
  • Melisa Donato, Creative Office Pavilion
  • Krista Easterly, Bergmeyer
  • Kris Esposito, Haworth
  • Kyle Forsgard, Yusen Associates
  • Rouba Haykal, NELSON
  • Chris Huff, Tandus/Centiva
  • Matt Hyatt, Bergmeyer
  • Jen Imbaro, Sasaki Associates
  • Leah Raabe, Mayer Fabrics

Hartford City Center Committee

  • Amanda Cleveland, Silver/Petrucelli + Assoc. (IIDA NE Board of Directors, Vice President of Hartford City Center)
  • Brett Berry, DeClerq Office Group
  • Eileen Horan, OFI
  • Betty Horne, Red Thread
  • Kerry Jackson, Allseating
  • Tyra Leoveanu, KI

Membership Committee

  • Lisa DesJardins, Teknion LLC (IIDA NE Board of Directors, Vice President of Membership)
  • David Cassady, Mats Inc
  • Ashley McGrath, Margulies Perruzzi Architects
  • Kalyn Pavlinic, Shepley Bullfinch
  • Lisa Statkiewicz, saam architecture
  • Gissela Teran, Bergmeyer
  • Jill Weiner, The Consilio Group

Philanthropy Committee

  • Anna Dockery, Unispace (IIDA NE Board of Directors, Vice President of Philanthropy)
  • Rachel Winston, Fusion (Philanthropy Co-Chair)
  • Kait McKenna, CBT (Philanthropy Co-Chair)
  • Kayleigh Fraser, Knoll (2019 Art Uncorked Co-Chair)
  • Samantha Giordano, Ability to Dream and Design Group (2019 Art Uncorked Co-Chair)
  • Alyssa Bicchieri, Knoll
  • Dana Boudreau, KI
  • Bethany Burns, LLB Architects
  • Claudia DiCesare, Momentum Group (Art Uncorked Subcommittee)
  • Nicole Dorsey, CBT
  • Elisa Franklin, Dal-Tile Corporation (Art Uncorked Subcommittee)
  • Ana Gannon, Haworth
  • Cassie Hamel, NELSON
  • John Hasson, Reflex Lighting
  • Eileen Horan, OFI
  • Joanna Jackson, Bisley (Art Uncorked Subcommittee)
  • Kara McGuane, Margulies Perruzzi Architects
  • Katie Munks, TotalOffice Interiors
  • Julie Patterson, Herman Miller (Art Uncorked Subcommittee)
  • Stephen Pendleton, West Elm Workspace with Inscape
  • Lara Robertson, Boston Light Source
  • Jen Servies, IA Interior Architects
  • Luke Tanguay, CBT
  • Natasha Tashian, Unispace

Professional Development Committee

  • Nico Flannery-Pitcher, Lavallee Brensinger Architects (IIDA NE Board of Directors, Vice President of Professional Development)
  • Alison Berg, Gensler
  • Sandi Cooper, Peabody
  • Jeanine Cosentino
  • Madaline Hale, ARC
  • Wayne Jenkins, USG
  • Caroline Lovegood, The Sliding Door Company
  • Bonnie Matterand, WD Partners
  • Cimon Starr, UC Berkeley Extension
  • Deepa Venkat, MPA

Providence City Center Committee

  • Jennifer Hanson, Momentum Group (IIDA NE Board of Directors, Vice President of Providence City Center)
  • Rachel Arnold, Knoll
  • Amanda Brown, Judd Brown Designs
  • Bethany Burns, LLB Architects
  • Kristen Fagan, Vision 3 Architects
  • LeWayne Fisher, Fisher Design Associates
  • Siobhan Haddeland, ABI Design
  • Meaghan Kennedy, Bergmeyer
  • Bonnie Matterand, WD Partners
  • Liz McDonough, Boston Light Source

Sponsorship Committee

  • Kara Hanson, Gensler (IIDA NE Board of Directors, Vice President of Sponsorship)
  • Jeanine Cosentino
  • Kamran Nafissi, AIS
  • Amelia Papadakis, Bergmeyer

Student Affairs Committee

  • Teagan Jeffords, Peabody Office (IIDA NE Board of Directors, Vice President of Student Affairs)
  • Lisa Bonnet, E4H Architecture
  • Danielle Dickerman, SGA- Spagnolo Gisness & Associates
  • Lindsey Head, Fusion Design Consultants
  • Kara Mazzotta, Packard Design
  • Jenna Meyers, Margulies Perruzzi Architects
  • Gabrielle Pitocco, Elkus Manfredi Architects

Workplace Innovation Committee

  • Matt Hyatt, Bergmeyer (IIDA NE Board of Directors, Immediate Past President)
  • Andrea Coan, Coalesse
  • Kristyn Hill, Bergmeyer

Last Updated: June 25, 2018