Career Advice

Rachel Lodi, WELL AP, LEED GA, Fitwel Ambassador

What was the hardest part of your job search?

The toughest part of my job search was keeping a positive mindset. I graduated from the University of New Haven in 2018, so I am still new to the industry & do not have a lot of experience.  I would check job posting sites consistently, but most of the postings wanted designers with more experience than I could offer.  I was discouraged with the constant stress of wondering when I would be working again.

How did you stay positive?

I stayed positive during my job hunt by staying busy & finding different outlets to de-stress.  Before Covid-19 hit, I would go to the gym to unwind, but since they were closed for 3+ months, I had to find another way to let out the negativity I was feeling.  I started running and exploring different hiking trails all over the state of Connecticut. I also studied & passed the LEED GA exam right after quarantine ended.  Passing the LEED GA test was a great selling point for interviews, but it also gave me the opportunity to work toward a goal I’ve had for a couple of years.

What job opening platforms did you use?

LinkedIn, Indeed, Gpac talent, IIDA HQ job postings page & ASID HQ job postings page

How did you stay involved with the industry while job hunting?

I stayed involved with the industry by spending more time on my past position as Co-Chair of Social Media for the Communications Committee.  This led to the opportunity to be Chair of Communications, which overlooks the entire committee. Transitioning into this new position without a job gave me the opportunity to learn at my own pace & not feel overwhelmed with the amount of time it takes to stay organized. I also felt it was important to stay in contact with industry members & keep that relationship going.

Where did you end up/what position do you have!?

The Procopio Companies, Interior Designer & Procurement Specialist