Career Advice

Maria Martinez

What was the hardest part of your job search?

Finding firms that fit my career goals. Striking a balance between being open to try new avenues within my career, while seeking firms who do the type of work I aspire to do instead of saying yes to the 1st firm that needs the talent. Especially during a pandemic where, not only  having but finding a job is a privilege, one must still ensure the firm fits both your professional and cultural goals. It takes a lot of effort and commitment from both parties to start a new work relationship, so doing your due diligence on your potential new job is key.  

How did you stay positive?

Staying healthy physically and mentally was key to keeping a positive perspective. Making conscious choices by eating healthy, meditating, exercising and reaching out to friends and family was and still is of utmost importance. We get isolated so easily during quarantine, that staying in touch with other people helps keep perspective to a positive outcome. Believing that the right opportunity would present itself helped me not lose ground and practice my patience.

What job opening platforms did you use?

LinkedIn was a great source to find job opportunities, as well to reach out to former colleagues and people in the industry letting them know I was looking for a new opportunity. Ultimately, word of mouth was the way I found my new position, reaching out to my colleagues in the industry and betting the word out helped me land my new position. 

How did you stay involved with the industry while job hunting?

Being an IIDA member helped me stay connected with my peers and the industry in general.  Attending virtual webinars organized by IIDA, and product knowledge based events through sales reps, helped me stay in the loop of the latest products, but most importantly, to stay connected with my network.

Where did you end up/what position do you have!?

RODE Architects, Interior Designer